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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Nana Plaza Food Vendors Will Be Hidden

The food vendors at Nana Plaza who have operated in the plaza for years have been moved with explicit instructions that vendors are no longer allowed to operate within the corridors in the plaza. Existing vendors are being relocated to what they are calling a food court in what was the enclosed beauty salon on the top floor. The corridors feel wider and the plaza is that little bit easier to navigate. It should also mean fewer food scraps which may help with the rodent problem.

(Editor note: This is discouraging news, for the food venders helped to identify the different sections of Nana Entertainment Plaza for me. I took great pleasure in showing up around 5pm, grabbing a bite from my favorite food vender, and having dinner with the girls; seeing what they were eating, and sharing.
There was a route I would take to see what the food venders had prepared for that day, and since most of the food servers did not speak English, some of the girls from the closest bar would translate. Each corner of Nana Plaza has different bars, different girls (or ladyboys,) and different food venders to interact with before showtime.)

And, Nana Plaza now has a uniformed security guard who is posted near the steps leading from the ground floor to the middle floor. His duties aren't clear, but he is there, in uniform with a large security badge and is officially on duty.


Dinner at Angelwitch before showtime.

Photos from the book - "The Street Food of Bangkok" by Randy Magnus.
(check it out by clicking on the link.)

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