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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Nana Plaza Update

The top of soi 4 is changing with two beer bars closing last night. Stumble Inn has closed - and the girls can now be found just inside the plaza in Lucky Luke's. Strikers Sports Bar is also no longer in business, and should be relocating down to the Rajah Hotel car park.

The latest is that the group which was said to be the master lease only has subleases for some of the plaza and not all of it. What sort of bearing this has on the mooted plans for the much-needed sprucing up the plaza remains to be seen.

Some of the properties that make up what was known as the Crown Group of bars, a group which was bought lock, stock and barrel by the Nana Group, have been doing miserable business. Fantasia and Carnival are as dead as the dodo. It would be great to see the bars in this group return to their former glory. Start with G Spot and resurrect the shower show. That used to pack the bar and there's no reason to think that formula couldn't be successful today.

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