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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nana Update 2-2012

photo of Nana Entertainment Plaza from the Bangkok Eyes archives.

There seems to be something of a second wave in the high season at Nana Entertainment Plaza with the better bars booming. Try and get a seat later in the evening in Billboard, Rainbow 4 or Angelwitch and you might have to do a lap of the bar before you find an empty spot.
Down the road at Soi Cowboy, it's a little different. Friday nights are as busy as always, and Saturday nights the cash register is turning over fast enough to keep bar owners happy, but from Sunday through to Thursday the same highs aren't being seen and locals are getting the sort of attention from the girls they hadn't seen since late last year.
Nana, which gets more of a tourist crowd than Cowboy, seems to be much more constant, night after night, whereas Cowboy seems to peak at the end of the work week.

Previously referred to as The Billboard Group now has an official name, The Nana Group. Keep a close eyes on these guys as they are one of the big players and are actually doing things right in the industry, investing money and getting Western bar managers involved, all of which contributes to a much better experience. Their bars include Angelwitch, Billboard, DC10, Las Vegas and Nana Liquid.

Added note:
(What can now be confirmed is that just this week the master lease for the plaza for the next 10 years was purchased by the Nana Group and they will be the new landlord of the plaza from July 7th. All of the venues *inside* the plaza will have a new landlord.)

The clutter of vendors and beggars in Soi Cowboy has a very welcome consequence. Along with the crowds, they make the soi too difficult to navigate for the orange-vested folks who are forced to find another route to traverse between Sukhumvit sois 21 and 23.

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