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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Club: Billboard GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza Opens

(photo by Bangkok Eyes)

The same people who bought Angelwitch in Nana Plaza also purchased and took over Hollywood Carousel Go-Go bar on the top floor.
Now its called Billboard, complete with new neon on the outside, as they try to get the inside into shape.
Dave The Rave is managing both clubs, so he's running up and down between the two locations all night.

Sukhumvit Psycho says that "Billboard Go Go bar looks inside very much like Hollywood Carousel Go Go bar at the end of its life. A rather bad start. Let’s see if things get better in the future…"
Give it time. Maybe it'll end up as a bigger and more over-the-top Angelwitch. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Went to Billboard last night. Great shows and now they have a jacuzzi in the bar. The old second caroussel has been replaced by a new stage with shower and with a jacuzzi. Will definitly go back there again.

Rohit said...

I love going again and again to billboard so far the best club in bangkok ..

The manager is awesomely friendly .. The girls are pretier then any other bar in nana entertainment plaza ..

I like mickey and solo the best dancers of bangkok ..

My love for Aou she is the service girl but with a beautiful smile ..

Go on enjoy the shows there awesome fun placenin bangkok to be ..

Anonymous said...

2012 Dec - I was there. Best bar to spend longer time with bear 150B. Cute girls specially on Jacuzzi. cute and sexy fully nude few girls, covered pussy by soap bubbles. Looks like underage around 14. These girl cannot bar fine, by everyone, only few Japs and Whites took girls out. Bar fine B600, short time B2000 for a girl.