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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Paul Spurrier's Advice on Dating Thai Bar Girls

Don't risk any more than you are prepared to lose - not only financially, but emotionally.

If you have expectations, she will disappoint you.
If you have none, she will constantly surprise you.

Accept that you probably have never been as poor as she has, and that you can never really understand how that affects someone.

Understand that due to everything she has been through, in the West she would almost certainly qualify for free psychotherapy - and she may need it.

Understand that she probably will never love you as much as her parents, and that she will always choose them over you, if made to decide.

If you dump her, your life won't change that much. Hers will change utterly..

Her jealousy may be a nuisance to you, but it is a greater burden to her..

If you want her to love you for more than just your money, you have to be able to offer more than just money.

If it doesn't work and you split up, it doesn't mean the relationship was a failure - it was just a temporary success..

Ignore all advice about dating bargirls.

Paul Spurrier in Dean Barrett's blog.


Anonymous said...

Like the picture, but Som will only be turning 18 next year (after turning 18 this year at the same place) :o

Anonymous said...

DATIN BARGIRLS IN THAILAND IS LIKE A will never know what you get.but these girls are for FUN.they are fall in love with a bargilr can end up very badly for a foreigner.she always will love herself and her fucking family!!so guys dont show too much feelings,take it like a business meeting fuck her and let her go and see her again maybe for another fuck but better not dont take the same bitch again.they are so many here.have fun Bar tourist in thailand

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO HER 18 is a nice age.but these girls dont live well for long and a stupid foreigner who will act like the red cross to help her with money .yeah sure money this matters for them not your feelings she gives a shid how you feel toady or next week as long as you pay money she will take care,when the moeny is finished good bye fallang come back next year with your hard earned money HAHAHAHA!!! AMAZING THAILAND I LOVE THIS CRAZY COUNTRY

Anonymous said...

I am a Thai woman. I think good men won't date bar girls.