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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweetheart A Gogo in Pattaya

Sweetheart A Gogo on Walking Street is one of those gogo bars we've all walked past but I bet many, like me, have never been inside. A mate swung by this weekend, ordered a drink - priced at a fair 90 baht - and in something of a hurry, gulped it down and paid with a 100 baht note and added a 20 baht note, as a tip. He stood up and made for the door but was caught before he left, the service girl handing him 910 baht change.
He had inadvertently given her a one thousand baht note, thinking it was a 100. He made a point of mentioning this girl's honesty to the manager who stated that he would not allow any of his staff to rip off a guest for even 1 baht - and anyone caught doing so would be fired on the spot.
In an industry where the staff can get a lot of grief, I thought this was just marvelous - and I for one will drop by for a beer on my next visit to Pattaya.


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