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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watchout for the Ladyboy Troll Near Soi Cowboy

There is a ladyboy who hangs out around the saphan loi in Bangkok most nights, waiting for drunks to come along. The bridge troll tries to follow them home. The troll (in spite of the nickname) is fairly cute and has a girlish voice. If you didn’t know about ladyboys you’d probably never guess. If you did know about them, but you were drunk enough you might be fooled.

I was drunk enough, but my radar still went off. When the bridge troll approached me I said quite directly that I don’t do ladyboys.

The troll still followed me. Up the bridge, across the bridge, and for perhaps two more blocks before he finally gave up and went back to guarding his bridge. It’s a sign how drunk I was that I let him follow me at all. Normally I would have shouted at him, and if that didn’t work, I would have punched him in the face. On Friday night (well, early Saturday morning) I actually spoke to him quite politely. Very unusual for me.


2 comments: said...

the ladyboy at the picture is the famous AMY.. she is always to find at walking street pattaya next to goodfellas (opposite marine disco)..

^^ pretty like hell

Anonymous said...

very small penis on amy