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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Dean and Khun

One of the good things about taking young Thai women abroad, women who have never been on a plane before, is that they do what you tell them - which, as you know, most Thai women don't. But in this case they had to because they hadn't flown before and weren't sure what to do. Of course I tried to be helpful. When the stewardess walked down the aisles checking to see that the seat-belts were fastened, and the Thai girls asked what the stewardesses were doing, I naturally pointed out that they were looking to see which man had the biggest dong.
-Dean Barrett

The truth is that there is no cool season in Bangkok; it is hot as hell nearly all of the time. Only rains every few days for an hour or two during the rainy season, and the rest of the time it is not any different than any other time of year--
-except that there are thousands of hot, horny young Thai gals waiting around to entertain you and nearly no customers here whatsoever.
-Khun Nana

from the Dean Barrett Website

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