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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Soi Cowboy - Then and Now

What was a seedy place on its decline, surpassed by the then newer Nana Plaza. Now with all of its neon and glitter, Soi Cowboy is the Las Vegas of Southeast Asia.

A recent Soi Cowboy walk through -
The Baccara girls are about “the Japanese Short-Time” and who can blame them as the girls there probably make more than at any other GoGo.
Peeked into the newly renovated Long Gun (name outside is Lucky something - Long Gun fyi). Nice job on the renovations which were way overdue. The place was packed as they still have the girls and staff from Rawhide since the Rawhide fire. Definitely the busiest GoGo of the night and it reminded me of the old Long Gun where it was packed every night.
Deja Vu, on the other hand, was empty and awful.
The Farang Speaks 2 Much

(Images from Stickman)

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