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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Sigh of a Hard Working Blogger in Bangkok

Gee Art, no… nothing interesting on THIS site… :(
Fuck me dead, why do I bother??!!

In the last week or so this site has featured:
• Celebrity spotting of Natalie & Paradorn
• A story about Sherbert & V Club
• A lengthy story about customer service in Bangkok
• The best deaf-hooker-in-the-parking-lot story you’re likely to hear this month
• A spot about the Sports Academy (with a link to Bangkok Eyes)
• A detailed review of Carousel go go (including details of my short time with the waitress, and this gem: “Jack commented that the girls looked like they were all just released from a Women’s Prison. I’d agree that about 80% of them did look that way, and I mean it in the nicest way possible.”)
• Some great photos of a very sexy Jessica Alba
• Four new entries on the Super Spinners list
• As well as three or four other posts with links offered to John Galt, Bangkok Gig Guide, Nana Journals, the Big Mango, the Guide 2TBM, and some German guy’s blog about Pattaya.

(You may want to give a miss to the next blog… 750 words devoted to perspiration)

Am I not working hard enough for you, or do you think all my shit’s just boring?

(Now, that's great!! Check out the site.)

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