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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Werewolf's Favorite Gogo Clubs at the Moment in Bangkok

Rawhide because of the shows & perfect showgirls,
Mandarin Club because of the small girls & fun factor upstairs,
shark for the number and quality of beautiful dancers with a good attitude,
Rainbow 4 for the sheer volume of beautiful girls,
Safari for it’s unusual style and 70’s era music,
Electric Blue for being an all around good go go bar,
Five Star for the live band,
Angelwitch for it’s combo of shows, pretty girls and black leather outfits, and Mandarin Table Dance because they bring attractive & sexy girls right up close.

Angelwitch is on my list for two reasons: (i) I hadn’t been there in a year or more, so I’m not tired of the shows; and (ii) I went there on Saturday night and there were four or five genuine stunners in the lineup and the girls were all topless. If I hadn’t had a good trip on Saturday AW wouldn’t be on my list.


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