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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bus Stop Update

Then I went into Bus Stop. As I entered through the gateway, two lovely Thai girls greeted me with a traditional “wai.” (The wai is the prayer-like gesture). I like the way the Bus Stop Cheerleaders still don traditional Thai dresses. The Bus Stop girls also greet you with that inimitable Thai smile.
Bus Stop was very busy with most of the tables occupied. I spotted an Aussie mate and sat at his table. Aussie John had a little cluster of cuties around him. After I briefly browsed through the menu, I ordered a Coca Cola, which cost me all of 55 Baht. For a very tasty bacon cheeseburger, I was charged 95 Baht. I am pleased to report that it is still excellent value-for-money at the Bus Stop. However, make sure that you are not in a rush, because service can be slow.
Dave The Rave

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