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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our Place

One of the most popular bars in Soi Cowboy at this point in time is Our Place. It was not that long ago it was a place to be avoided, but it's pumping now!
The new owner brought a new design, new girls, new shows and although one or two look as though they have been copied directly from Angelwitch, it all comes together well. The atmosphere is fun, and Our Place reminds me very much of the bars in, you guessed it, the good old days.
(photo by Dean Barrett)

A Second Opinion:

Our Place feels exactly like Spanky’s in Nana Plaza. That is a bad thing since Spanky’s sucks. As a customer said the other night - if the guy would put as much money into girls as he does lights he might have a decent go-go.
The Farang Speaks 2 Much

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