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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dreams Can Come True.....

photo by Randy Magnus

The best night in Bangkok this time was going to the Long Gun GoGo Bar at Soi Cowboy and paying the bar fine for this great outgoing-personality, affectionate girl from the stable for short-time. I noticed her dancing among the other girls on stage. She came down and said hi, but I didn't recognize her with her clothes on.
She moved on to this other guy, and I could see how friendly and passionate she was as she flurted with the other client. But he didn't take her out.
When she passed by I tapped her and bought the girl a drink. She quickly fell into my lap and asked if I was going to pay the bar fine for her. I told her I wanted to see her dance again. After her stint on stage, she came back and I gladly accepted. On the way back to my place we stopped by Nana Entertainment Plaza and went inside a place I knew I could photograph in.

The bar was pretty dead, the girls only sitting around. I put the Long Gun girl up on stage, and the place came alive. The other girls were enjoying her energy, everyone was dancing. She would fall into my outreached hands in front of the stage, and dance in my arms. After a little bit, she wanted back on stage so I lifted her back onto the stage. I had a hard time having her keep her bra and panties on as she performed her pole moves, saying she was hot. Five or six guys wondered in and stayed to watch her. She was a ringer, for sure.

On the way down the stairs at Nana she held tightly onto my body saying she was sorry she was so drunk. She had a great time.
We both did.
We got to my place, undressed, showered and began cuddling on the bed, rolled over to another position and she passed out, face down, right in the center of the bed. I squeezed over to one side, placed the covers over us and went to sleep myself.
As she was waking up the next morning, the girl was very affectionate and loving, the way one hopes to wake-up with being with such a beautiful creature, and continued the affair.

Later on while I was videotaping the Thai Cowboys performing their bluegrass music at the Weekend Market, I called her up and had the Blue Mountain Boys seranade her with a country version of "Happy Birthay". It was her birthday on that day.

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